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  • Promotes playful intelligence - an educational game for children that promotes tactical and strategic understanding. Chess games make smart, promote concentration and intelligence, increase imagination and creativity.
  • Brain jogging in age - training for brain - wooden board game is the best prerequisite for mental fitness in age. The chess set is large enough for seniors and for those who want to stay fit mentally.
  • Party game for the whole family - great idea to spend time with the children. Classic board game is perfect for bloody beginners and experienced players. Practical on the go - travel chess game entertainment on the go.
  • Be environmentally friendly - robust and solid wood chess board as an ecological alternative to other plastic games. Excellent quality by hand crafted in Europe with attention to detail even the chess pieces are hand carved. The board is foldable, serves as a chess box for storing the figures.
  • Unique gift - chess as a gift and as a modern decoration, elegant and exclusive will enrich any interior. Wooden chess set looks elegant, warm, natural and clean.

The chess board is foldable, so that when folded up a sturdy box is created in which the figures and stones have space - for on the go, practical!

Hinged wooden box serves as a playing field.
The wooden chess pieces are large, carefully hand carved and covered with ecological matt lacquer
The warm, rich colours of the wooden chess pieces and the board look beautiful.
The natural wood chessboard can be an original and unique gift for different occasions.

Product details:

Material: 100% wood

Dimensions: 21 x 21 cm

Figure set in each set


Felt base under chess pieces to protect the game board.
In the cassette there is a case.

Important: colours, texture and chess figures may vary slightly. Chess is sent freely. The smell of paint disappears over time.

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